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Kathmandu:- Prachin Bigyan Tatha Prabidhi Prathistan (Academy of Ancient Science and Technology) has brought an app that will help you connect with your astrologer. you do not need to take appointment with any astrologer and wait in queue to find about your destiny and future.

With the this app Jokhana — the astrologer is in your fingertips. The best astrologers of Nepal, will answer your question, through the app. They will answer your queries through email, once you post your date of birth. Jokhana is available in Iphone and android phones. Go to play store or App store and download the Jokhana app.

Jokhana — in both Nepali and English language — has many free of cost features. It assists you to get instant solutions with the help of daily horoscope Rashifal, Rahu Kaal (the bad time), Abhijit Muhurta (the best time), Hora Muhurta (good or bad omen of every hour) that will help one to decide either to start important work on that particular time or not.

According to Muhurta Jyotish, Sun’s Hora is better for government service, Venus Hora is better for travel, Mercury Hora is better for education, Saturn Hora is better for wealth, Jupitar Hora is better for marriage, Mars Hora is better for legal battle, and Moon Hora is better for all kinds of work.

The app will assist you to select the better time according to your need.

The app also has Ask Jokhana that will help you to instant answer for your querries. It is like oracle and Tarot reading.

The app has Muhurta which is derived from Rudrayamal Tantra. In Rudrayamal Tantra, Lord Shiva told his consort Parvati that if one follows Muhurta, one does not need to follow any Jyotish rule.

You can also check your Kundali (Moon sign), current Dasha and brief information about your personality, good luck, lucky colour and many more.

Likewise, the app also has the calender of festivals, apart from the auspecious occasions and time for marriage, home warming etc. The app has date convertor also, in case you need to check the English and Nepali dates.

In the Nepali version of the app, it also has added feature like which Rasha wil have what type of relations with other Rashi.

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